The Road Warrior

Complete Guide to Survival

In a dystopic workplace, where law and order has broken down since the loss of your broadband connection, the most productivity your office has seen is a paper-clip chain created by one of the members of staff.

However, all is not lost! You, The Road Warrior have seen things that others could only dream of… Ultra fast internet for an entire office without a fixed line connection. These mystical devices can connect an entire network, including printers. They come with different data packages to support your usage but best of all, they are competitive with fixed line broadband.


What is it?

These mystical devices are commonly known as 4G Routers. Each one beams out a WiFi signal which can connect up to 30 devices to 4GEE at any one time. This makes them ideal for small offices, temporary offices, pop up shops and construction sites. The firewall feature allows access to multiple company networks.

How does it work?

Instead of waiting to be connected via a landline number, just turn the 4G Router on and your whole office is connected to the 4GEE network. And when you leave, just turn it off and take it with you. It’s just like your standard home broadband router without the hassle of a fixed line.

You can also use the ethernet ports to connect up a network of printers and PCs or your shop till to 4GEE – either as a substitute for fixed broadband or as a back-up. Available on a wide range of data plans to suit your business needs.


Where can I get one?

Woooaah, hang on a moment. First, you need to check your office postcode for 4G coverage. Then, you can contact 4G Scotland and they will help you decide how much data you need.

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