How can technology inspire talent?


Talent could be defined as the recognition of ability by others in any given field, being the result of thousands of hours of quality practice, great coaching, opportunity, circumstance, a little luck and yet more quality practice. This article will focus on a few examples of where inspirational sparks have been a catalyst for success, plus digital sectors where the inspirational sparks are waiting to be ignited by digital technology.

Inspirational sparks can come from anywhere; parents, a personal hero, coach, teacher, new discoveries to name a few. Digital technology industries are providing a huge number of role models, companies, products and services that inspire a new generation and a few of the older ones! Everything is getting faster in our digital lives; product cycles, processors, networks, and development cycles. Digital industries are hugely influential in shaping our world. The rise of mobile phones, the penetration of computing devices, the type and widespread nature of social communication, gaming, entertainment and 3D printing technologies have all developed at a pace that continues to accelerate.

The Games industry has always inspired people to participate in technology. Dare ProtoPlay is the UK’s biggest indie games festival. Held in Dundee it brings together teams of student game designers from all over the world to compete and show off their creations. The level of enthusiasm was infectious and the quality of the work superb and drew 15,000 visitors over four days. This author’s eight year old son was one of the many who were inspired to take part as a junior game judge but also to participate in learning to write code for the first time with the Scratch system. Coding is a valid and worthwhile occupation meeting our digital needs and desires and must be encouraged at all levels of education. Greater participation will always encourage further engagement.

Digital technology is becoming increasingly democratic, no longer the preserve of the wealthy or the few. Mobile phones have made high tech computing power available to the masses on a global scale. We use it for frivolous means or to save lives and everything in between. Mobile phone usage on the African continent never ceases to inspire through the social benefits it facilitates in health and commerce.

Your senses are now at the heart of a battle between technology providers as the move from ears to eyes continues at a pace in the telecoms industry. The devices to access your digital world will be wearable and flexible. It is no surprise that the world’s largest digital technology companies are patenting thousands of Graphene based designs. Graphene is a thin, flexible, strong and electrically conductive material that will revolutionise among other things how information is displayed.

Provision of a superfast robust communications network for data transfer is a vital component to provide the infrastructure for innovation to take place and talent to flourish. 4G (or LTE) is a vital mobile technology that needs a wide and rapid uptake so that as a nation we maintain our competitiveness.

One cannot fail to be inspired by the recent digital innovations. Every day the exposure to and participation in these is growing worldwide, and it won’t stop anytime soon. The great opportunity for everyone is to embrace this change. There is sufficient opportunity and motive for all to be players that shape our digital world.

Colin Loveday, Managing Director of 4G Scotland Limited, Published Business Comment October/November 2013

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