Enterprise mobility management (EMM)

Towards a go-anywhere workforce

Smartphones and tablets have transformed the way we interact with applications and content in our personal lives and now end users want that experience at work. To meet this growing demand, IT requires an enterprise mobility management solution to provision the apps and content users want, while maintaining privacy and data security.

Bring Your Own Device Solution

MobileIron provides mobile device management capabilities to enable IT organizations to selectively wipe business data on a user’s device, including business email, apps, content, settings, and certificates, without wiping personal content contained on the device. Without a mobile IT solution such as Mobileiron, if a device is lost or compromised, the IT administrator’s only option would be to wipe the entire device of all personal and corporate content.

With EMM by MobileIron, organizations can enable the following:

Mobile Device Management MDM

The MobileIron platform enables IT to secure and manage a diverse set of mobile devices, automatically provision enterprise settings such as Wi-Fi and VPN and provide end-users with secure access to corporate email. If a device should fall out of compliance, IT can define remediation actions that will either notify the user of policy violations or selectively wipe corporate information without touching any personal data. The MobileIron Platform consists of, a security and management policy engine, MobileIron Client that automatically configures the device to function in an enterprise environment, and, an intelligent security gateway.


Mobile Application Management MAM

MobileIron provides an end-to-end solution that provisions, delivers, secures, and retires mobile apps. With these capabilities, IT can manage the entire application life cycle: from making the applications available to employees through the Apps@Work private enterprise app store; to securing applications on the device; containerizing corporate apps from personal apps using MobileIron

Mobile Content Management MCM

With MobileIron’s integrated solution, IT can enable end-users to securely access and manage enterprise documents residing in a variety of content repositories, including Sharepoint, WebDav, and CIFS. MobileIron’s MCM solution also ensures that corporate email attachments are encrypted and can be viewed using authorized applications including MobileIron Docs@WorkAdditionally, end users can securely browse corporate intranet content without the need for a device-wide VPN using MobileIron Web@Work


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