Transporting your business forward


Transportation of goods from A to B has been a key factor for the development of commerce in modern times.

Infrastructure and the cars, trains, ships, planes that use the various transportation infrastructures have constantly improved driven through materials and innovation. This is a relentless march into the future with the goal to constantly increase speed and efficiency.

It is not just physical goods that are transported, the same can be said for data that we all use and rely on every day. The data infrastructure we use has many parallels to the physical world. Data needs to be stored, needs to be accessed and needs to be transported. Data usage is increasing month on month due to rapid succession of innovations and new data rich applications. One of the challenges moving forward is how to access your data or applications whilst away from your home or office space. Mobile data is ubiquitous and the key responsibility of the mobile networks is to provide the fastest possible access to our

The Government has communicated who from the mobile networks has won 4th generation licences for the mobile spectrum. All the mobile operators in the UK will be busy building the infrastructure to transport your business and personal data at superfast speeds to your mobile, tablet or computer. However, one mobile operator, EE (jointventure between Orange and T-Mobile) already has superfast 4th generation mobile working in the UK and now covers over 50%of the population including Edinburgh and Glasgow and rapidly rolling out nationwide.

As the other operators strive to match EE over the next 12 months we will all benefit from the increased competition as the 4G network in the UK grows to cover the whole population in a way that surpasses the current 3G network coverage. What does 4G mean to my business after all the marketing hype is cut through? Simply you will have access to your valuable data quicker on 4G and the data you need can be richer and viewed in the way you need it to be, not in a way that you are forced to through network limitations.

If you have 4G today in your business through EE and your competitor does not have 4G you have an edge. There are many applications from the frivolous to the life saving, where the extra speed has a meaningful effect.

However the simple question to ask is how will getting access to information faster, benefit my role and that of my business. Go back 15 years and recall how long it took todown load a simple email on your laptop at 9.6kbs. Superfast mobile broadband is up to five times faster than your current 3G service. 93% of business leaders want 4G in the UK and estimates of between £20bn and £50bn of benefits for UK consumers and business from 4G provide a compelling argument why 4G is the future for business mobile. Is your business ready to upgrade and ride the information age as superfast speeds?

Colin Loveday,
Managing Director of 4G Scotland
Published April/May 2013 Business Comment Magazine

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